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That made him partly responsible for the mess she was in. She really got excited when the electrodes were attached to her earlobes.When the current was turned on, she almost broke her attachments to the shoes."Joe, that was the best damn sex that I ever had with her." "Mike, you're a natural born slaver.For me this is hard work but you actually enjoyed the experience.Elaine was learning lessons much faster than she learned in college. Apparently the Senator had made a great annoyance of himself and they had to appear that they were doing something. Her suggestibility is very high." Joe suggested that I reimburse him for all his costs. " Joe said, "I needed seventeen thousand." I said, "Dollars?Since they didn't seem to care about Elaine or any other lost wife, I suggested, "You look in the Soi Cowboy area." Since this was the other side of Bangkok they would never get close to us. " Joe responded, "No, baht." I had enough pocket cash so I gave him twenty thousand and told him, "Keep the change." Joe looked at me suspiciously but took the money anyway.I hoped that the cameras were still off and that Joe knew what he was doing and it wasn't a great joke on a farang. Joe had insisted that I have an ear-bud to listen to his comments without disturbing Elaine's mood.Joe suggested that I hold Elaine's ears close to my mouth and whisper commands of what she should feel towards me.

It's divorce without alimony paradise, if you know what you're doing. I almost felt sorry for him, but then remembered that he let Aran out of jail to marry Elaine.As Joe was video taping Elaine anyway, I asked him for a copy of my investment.He allowed that if I furnished the tapes he would give me the duplicates.I spent the next hour and half reading selected scripts that Joe had prepared for English hearing farang women.I hoped that I had made her a better lover for the next man in her life.

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