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The '05–'08 comic book series that DC Comics claimed would "strip down the Man of Steel," did just that, breathing new life into the superhero with classic, straightforward storytelling and beautiful art. What to read next if you love it: Astro City, by Kurt Busiek Originally published as periodical comics in '86, this is arguably the finest Batman yarn ever told and inarguably the coolest Robin in all of Robinhood.

Michael Straczynski If you're trying to figure out how to break into the complex world of X-Men, seeking out Chris Claremont is your best bet.What to read next if you love it: Fullmetal Alchemist, by Hiromu Arakawa Independently published from '91–'04, Jeff Smith's Bone is the rare case of a book that is totally appropriate for children but equally entertaining for adults.Smith was heavily influenced by both Moebius and Walt Kelly's Pogo, as well as more traditional fantasy novels.Hellboy is a good-hearted demon/superhero summoned from hell to earth as an infant by Nazi occultists.He grows up to become an agent for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, a delightful invention of Mike Mignola's comics world. D.: Hollow Earth & Other Stories, by Mike Mignola This alternate-universe story, originally published in '96, is set in a future where Superman and Wonder Woman (among other traditional superheroes), are on the edge of war with a group of young upstart vigilantes. The breathtaking art of Alex Ross doesn't hurt either.

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  1. Of course I'm looking for someone who is faithful loyal and someone I can put my trust in, I am one of those people who if you break my trust it's very hard to get a back.