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If you do not assign value in Data Key Names property, then you will not get the primary key for performing updating or deleting the record.

When user click on "Edit" link, update and cancel link will appears in-place of edit link.

For inserting the record in database table, write the code in "Item Inserting" event as given below.

For enabling delete functionality with the Details View control, set the value Auto Generate Delete Button property as true.

In this situation we can use Empty Data Text property.

If you want to display more complicated UI or message, then you can use The working of Form View control is same as Detail View control but the default UI of Form View control is different.

Therefore if we write select query like "select * from tbl Emps where emp ID=100", then we will not get any record.In order to update a record, set the value of Auto Generate Edit Button property as true.The Auto Generate Edit Button property automatically generates the Edit link at the bottom of Detail View control. The Data Key Names property holds the name of the primary key column of database table.For handling such situation Details View control supports two properties that you can use to display user friendly message.You can use the Empty Data Text property, or the Empty Data Template property.

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