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Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?

If OGS was the only blend available to me, I could be satisfied to smoke it for as long as my puffer holds out. A spokesperson for the Scandinavian Tobacco Group has asserted that the previous mention of burley was a mistranslation (?!Notes: Previous edits to this blend have averred that a dispute exists whether or not Golden Sliced contains Perique. Please note that the website states on its Orlik page that certain of its blends (including Golden Sliced) contain "fully ripe Virginia and a little Perique." Moderator. The topping is mildly citrusy with perhaps a hint of apricot. Leaves very little moisture in the bowl, requires an average number of relights.An easy going all day, uncomplicated mild smoke that doesn't wear out its welcome. I've appreciated Flake tobacco for over forty years.If you like good Virginia tobacco but find straight Virginia blends a bit one-dimensional, OGS is an ideal remedy. I simply grab enough tobacco for a bowlful, fold and massage it to the shape of a football, and then air pocket the resulting clump into the chamber, evening off the top with my thumbs. Pipe Used: Bjarne Age When Smoked: New Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars Similar Blends: Former - Cross Grain Flake. I used to rub it out before smoking but have found that, like most flakes, it smokes longer, cooler and stronger if I just fold it and stuff it in my pipe (although this requires a extra few relights to get it going).For the price, there is no better VA flake out there. I am intrigued by the debate over whether OGS contains perique.

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Coming back to OGS was like visiting an old friend.

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