Gal in exchange 2016 not updating

Is or when is SQL Server 2016 supported as a Back end databases for Skype for Business Server 2015?

On the Technet ( only SQL 2008 R2, 20 are listed?

if you doesn’t want to go for Federation you can share free busy using below method See – How to Configure Cross forest Availability Service (Free/Busy, Auto discover) – Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2010 Step 14: Please look into the below link for configuring Cross forest coexistence mail flow How to Configure Cross forest connectors (Mail flow) Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2010 Happy Cross forest Migration !!

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Any News about the use of SQL 2016 with Skype for Business?

This next post is going to talk in detail about GAL segmentation setup in Office 365.

Ps1 -Identity "Email Address" -Remote Forest Domain Controller "FQDN of Source DC" -Remote Forest Credential $Remote Credentials -Local Forest Domain Controller "FQDN of Target Forest DC" -Local Forest Credential $Local Credentials -Target Mail User OU "Distinguished name of OU in Target Forest" –Use Local Object -Verbose Using –Verbose in the end of the Command You can clearly see what are the Attributes its getting touched Mail, Display name, Proxy address etc..

Now you can See a Disabled account which has been Created on the Specified OU Step 10: Now use ADMT to migrate the SID and Enable the Target Account which is “Mailbox1” in my Scenario See- How to Migrate Users Across forest (Cross Forest) using ADMT 3.2 with sid and Passwords Now you can find the SID history of the account , Where you can confirm that you did things correctly Now your AD account will get Enabled Step 11: Now your Account with SID and password as been moved, But still your Content of the mailbox hasn’t moved yet.

I would recommend to create Federation Trust which is free of service from Microsoft to share free busy information.

This behavior is caused because every internal message send/received in the orgn, will have the recipient info resolvable normally to the Legacy Exchange DN attribute.

In this case, the user mailbox would have been recreated or the old Legacy Exchange DN value would have been changed to a different one.

Which is moved my a remote as below Now moving the mailbox using a Remote move request Now you can See a Remote move has been Completed Now you won’t be able logon on the new forest directly as you required to change password as first logon To avoid that situation See- How to Disable “User must change password at next logon” after cross forest move using ADMT 3.2 Open Adsiedit –Set pwdlastset to –1 or just login to a client machine and change the password at first logon Great !!

you able to login in Target Forest Success fully !!

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