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If you clicked the Share button, people will receive an email message inviting them to open the file. A web browser will open, and the document will open in Word Online.If they want to use an Word app to co-author, they can click Edit Document Edit in Word.Please note that Share Point On-Premises sites (sites that are not hosted by Microsoft), do not support co-authoring.If you are not sure which one you are using, ask the person in charge of your site, or your IT department.

However, they'll need a version of the Word app that supports co-authoring.If you see other people's selections in different colors, they'll show up as blue, purple and so on.However, the person who is editing will always see their selections in green.If there are others working on the file at the same time as you, you'll see their name listed. - You can select particular pages, rotate PDF pages, reorder pages, split files and much more (just have a look at the buttons right of the selected file) - A PDF protection for printing, copying and editing is removed automatically (without password).

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