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Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) published New job vacancy Notice by bd .

DGFP jobs circular offer some new job vacancy in this post.

She never comments on the judiciary and does not interfere in judicial matters.” On Monday, Janakantha’s counsel Salahuddin Dolon produced a transcript of a telephone conversation between the Chief Justice and someone else, which the defence claimed was a discussion on war crimes convict Chowdhury’s appeal and a case on BNP leader Moudud Ahmad’s house.

The chief justice said the transcript was about a discussion he had with another judge and accused the ‘Janakantha’ editors for trying to ‘mislead the court’ even after a rule has been issued against them for a ‘defamatory’ article.

He is among those traitors who bathed most in the blood of innocent Bengalis. “If that is not true, then how did Salauddin Quader Chowdhury’s family have a meeting with those who were judging his case? The state’s chief legal officer had then told the court that it was not true.

“After taking over as the chief justice, I discussed with some of my predecessors, took their advice on how to carry out my responsibilities.

“I had a number of meetings with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Full text of the Order: Uploaded By : Rayhan Rashid This item has been recorded here as part of ICSF's Media Archive Project which is a crowd sourced initiative run by volunteers, a not for profit undertaking to facilitate education and research.

The objective of this project is to archive media items generated by different media outlets from around the world - specifically on 1971, and the justice process at the International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh.

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