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Diabetics who now have glucometers that they carry with them, elderly Patients who have adopted consumer technology that leaves their Doctors looking a bit Freddy Flintstone, etc).

“Face-to-face interactions will certainly always have a central role in health care, and many patients prefer to see their physician in person.

Public appeal to DJ Koh: please drop whoever is supplying you with these daft concepts and partner or aqui-hire a brand like PN Medical who understand the opportunity to do more than just breathing in and out and coughing and the potential for mobile phones to create engagement and feedback mechanisms.

It was interesting to see that the Go Breath device prototype featured it’s own screen (I’m very surprised the world’s biggest mobile device and screen manufacturer didn’t have the imagination to see the opportunity to port this information to one of the devices it has in the hands of nearly a billion customers) and didn’t try to do any more than digitalise an analogue inspirometer.

But on screen, rather than a dull metric of how well you’re doing or a figure of your peak flow, the data are represented visually.

For respiration, you need to follow a dot running along a graph, Flappy Bird-style, while coughing requires you to cough loud enough to shake the leaves from a cartoon tree.

Normally, your ability to breathe is calculated by using a spirometer, which isn’t that interactive — or accurate.

…She said modern medicine encourages doctors to use electronic records to diagnose patients.At Kaiser Permanente, for example, 52% of the more than 100 million patient encounters each year are now “virtual visits.”1 The organization has been able to innovate in this area in part because it spends about 25% of its annual .8 billion capital budget on information technology.Nevertheless, these virtual visits only scratch the surface of what’s possible with today’s technology” In 2012 Kaiser Permanente was the first major healthcare provider organisation to take a Mobile First approach and it’s great to see it paying off.Patients can refer to exercise guidelines and check how well their lungs have recovered through the app.Go Breath even offers a web and cloud service for doctors to help them monitor their patients’ recovery progress as well as provide reminders to practice” Samsung CLab to reveal creative new projects at CES 2018 m Health Insights Apple completely ignores the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but it never fails to bring out the very worst in Healthcare concepts from the world’s biggest mobile brand (remember the Samsung Welt Belt from previous years? Still the concepts the world’s biggest mobile brand (they are set to ship 320 million smartphones & 40 million feature phones in 2018) are backing for 2017 look particularly bad.

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