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The Premium Edition e Book and Practice Test contains the following items: About the Premium Edition Practice Test This Premium Edition contains an enhanced version of the Pearson Test Prep practice test software with four full practice exams.

In addition, it contains all the chapter-opening assessment questions from the book.

” Quiz 757 Foundation Topics 761 Configuring Windows Firewall 761 Basic Windows Firewall Configuration 762 Configuring Windows Firewall with Advanced Security 768 Configuring Multiple Firewall Profiles 770 Configuring New Firewall Rules 772 Configuring IPsec Security Rules 776 Configuring New Connection Security Rules (IPsec) 777 Modifying Rule Properties 778 Configuring Notifications 780 Group Policy and Windows Firewall 781 Configuring Authenticated Exceptions 783 Configuring Network Discovery 784 Managing Wireless Security 787 Exam Preparation Tasks 789 Chapter 17 Managing Mobile Apps 793 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 793 Foundation Topics 796 Remote Desktop Services and Remote App 796 Configuring Remote App 796 Configuring Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for Signed Packages 801 Configuring Remote Desktop Web Access for Azure Remote App Distribution 805 Subscribing to Azure Remote App and Desktop Connection Feeds 807 Microsoft Azure Remote App 810 Configuring Remote App and Desktop Connection Settings 811 Azure Remote App Collections 811 Publishing Remote App Applications 812 Support for i OS and Android 813 Exam Preparation Tasks 816 Chapter 18 Managing Desktop Applications 819 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 512 Foundation Topics 515 Introduction to Virtualization 515 Creating and Configuring VHDs 516 Using Disk Part to Create a VHD 517 Mounting VHDs 519 Creating and Configuring Virtual Machines 521 Enabling Client Hyper-V in Windows 10 521 Creating a Hyper-V Virtual Machine 523 Using the Hyper-V Manager 524 Creating Virtual Machines 525 Configuring Virtual Machines 529 Deploying Virtual Machines 535 Integration Services 536 Converting a Physical Machine 538 Creating and Managing Virtual Machine Checkpoints 539 Using Virtual Machine Checkpoints 539 Creating and Configuring Virtual Switches 543 Using an External Virtual Switch 545 Using Internal Virtual Switches 546 Using Private Virtual Switches 547 Connecting Virtual Machines 547 Exam Preparation Tasks 549 Chapter 11 Configuring and Securing Mobile Devices 553 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 971 Foundation Topics 975 Restoring Previous Versions of Files and Folders 975 How to Restore Damaged or Deleted Files 975 Using Windows Backup to Protect Your Data 976 Configuring Windows Backup for the First Time 976 Managing and Troubleshooting Your Backups 981 Scheduling Your Backups 984 Recovering Files with Backup and Restore (Windows 7) 985 Using Wbadmin to Recover Data 988 Configuring File History 989 Setting Up File History 990 Adding Additional Folders to File History 996 Restoring Files Using File History 997 Creating a System Image 999 Recovering Files from One Drive 1001 One Drive and the Recycle Bin 1001 One Drive Version History 1002 Exam Preparation Tasks 1004 Chapter 22 Final Preparation 1007 Tools for Final Preparation 1007 Pearson Test Prep Practice Test Software and Questions on the Website 1007 Accessing the Pearson Test Prep Software Online 1008 Accessing the Pearson Test Prep Software Offline 1008 Customizing Your Exams 1009 Updating Your Exams 1010 Premium Edition 1011 Memory Tables 1011 Chapter-Ending Review Tools 1011 Suggested Plan for Final Review/Study 1012 Summary 1012 Appendix A Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 75 Foundation Topics 82 Preparing for Installation Requirements 82 Evaluating Hardware Readiness and Compatibility 82 Windows 10 Hardware Requirements (Including Screen Resolution) 82 Hardware Compatibility 83 Using 32-Bit or 64-Bit Windows 84 Software Compatibility 86 Determining Appropriate Editions According to Device Type 88 Mobile Devices 88 Other Devices 88 Determining Requirements for Windows Features 89 Performing a Clean Installation 90 Performing an Attended Installation 90 Performing an Unattended Installation of Windows 10 97 Understanding Answer Files 97 Understanding Configuration Passes 98 Creating an Answer File 98 Using the Answer Files to Perform an Unattended Installation 105 Dual-Booting Windows 10 105 Boot Management Programs Used by Windows 10 106 Setting Up a Dual-Boot System 106 Refreshing Windows 10 107 Troubleshooting Failed Installations 108 Stop Errors or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) 108 Stopped Installation 110 Upgrading to Windows 10 110 Choosing Between an Upgrade and a Clean Installation 112 Preparing a Computer to Meet Upgrade Requirements 112 Upgrading the Computer to Windows 10 113 Upgrading from One Edition of Windows 10 to Another 115 Using Alternate Installation Media 117 Installing to a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) 117 Understanding VHDs 117 Types of Virtual Hard Disks 118 Tools Used with Virtual Hard Disks 119 Using Disk Management 120 Installing Windows 10 to a VHD 122 Installing Additional Windows Features 124 Configuring Windows for Additional Regional and Language Support 127 Configuring Native Boot Scenarios 129 Best Practices for Using Native-Boot VHDs 130 Booting VHDs 131 Exam Preparation Tasks 133 Chapter 3 Post-Installation Configuration 137 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 138 Foundation Topics 143 Configuring and Customizing the User Interface, According to Device Type 143 Configuring the Start Menu and Taskbar 143 Group Policies for Start Menu and Taskbar 148 Configuring the Desktop 150 Configuring Notification Settings 151 Configuring Windows 10 Options 152 Configuring Accessibility Options 153 Cortana and the Windows 10 Search 154 Cortana Group Policy Settings 156 Configuring Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 156 Microsoft Edge 157 Internet Explorer 158 Compatibility View 159 Smart Screen Filter 160 Internet Explorer Group Policies 161 Internet Explorer Compared to Edge 163 Configuring Hyper-V 164 Configuring Power Settings 165 Configuring Devices and Device Drivers 165 Device Setup 166 Devices and Printers 167 Updating Drivers 169 Using Device Manager 169 Using Device Manager to Uninstall Drivers 173 Using Device Manager to Disable Drivers 173 Maintaining Device Drivers 173 Managing and Troubleshooting Drivers and Driver Signing 173 Driver Signing Requirements in Windows 10 174 Checking Drivers for Digital Signatures 175 Driver Installation Permissions in Windows 10 176 Managing Driver Packages 177 Resolving Driver Issues 178 Using Device Manager to Resolve Driver Conflicts 178 Using Windows 10 Rollback to Resolve a Problem Driver 182 Configuring Driver Settings 183 Driver Verifier 184 Advanced Driver Settings 185 Using Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) to Add Driver Packages 187 Exam Preparation Tasks 190 Chapter 4 Managing Windows in an Enterprise 193 “Do I Know This Already?

MCSA 70-697 and 70-698 Cert Guide presents you with an organized test preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly.

Review questions help you assess your knowledge, and a final preparation chapter guides you through tools and resources to help you craft your final study plan.

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