Periodically reviewing and updating job descriptions

Many of these works, especially the older ones, are availabe in digital files that can be downloaded for free.When I know for sure that there is a digital version of a work, I will indicate it with the use of an asterisk. You can search Google, Gallica, Family Search or the Internet Archive for digital copies.These key references will show you the state of the knowledge for the family you are interested in researching.They point to published and manuscript documentation about French noble and bourgeois families.You will find the papers of the juges d'armes (Judges of Arms)—with one exception, all members of the Hozier family—and the papers of Bernard Chrin, gnalogiste des Ordres du roi (Genealogist of the King's Orders). Saffroy records published secondary sources as well as some primary source manuscripts in the Bibliothque nationale and other libraries and archives in France. Shortly after Louis XIII established the office of judge of arms a member of the d'Hozier family occupied the position.On this index you will find out what parts of the Cabinet des titres hold documents concerning the surname you are researching. Although Arnaud points to some manuscripts at the Bibliothque nationale, Saffroy's work offers more manuscript citations but is still not comprehensive. 3 first because it is organized by family surnames. 2 for information about the area in which my noble ancestors lived. followed by a number in a Saffroy citation, then it is indicating the French Manuscript Collection or the New Acquisitions French Manuscript Collections at the Bibliothque national. A member of this family held the office until the Revolution and later under the Restoration.Some of these works are also available for purchase on CDs or DVDs.

The original index is on the shelve near the doorway as you enter the Department of Manuscripts. Be forwarned that some of these arms and some of the crusaders are bogus.

It reflects what I have learned over the intervening years by working on the Baillon and Le Neuf research projects.

Basically, this represents my working bibliographic notes.

Lastly, in addition to Smith's bibliography, you might want to consult Leo van de Pas's "Royal Genealogical Book Evaluations" web site.

Whenever I start a project to study a French noble family I always consult these essential of tools.

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