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Solía cambiar de lugar tan rápido que era Read More Bajo un aspecto amable y bondadoso se escondía una asesina capaz de eliminar a cualquiera si con ello conseguía beneficiarse.Belle Gunness se puede considerar en toda regla una viuda negra que consiguió evadir Read More Tras su fachada de granjero se escondía un psicópata que asesinó al menos a veinte mujeres.

I don't want it to be one more film about guys with guns in their hands. The woman behind me must not have seen the previews, because she got up and left. See more » Angel of Death (Undubbed Session Demo) Performed by Hank Williams Words & Music by Hank Williams (as Hank Williams Sr.) Published by Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music Courtesy of Mercury Nasville (United States) Under license from Universal Music Operations Ltd See more » I see the words "cult classic" in this movie's future.I'm going to have to see it again this weekend just to catch some of the witty one-liners that I couldn't hear over the roaring laughter. The script is razor sharp, and you couldn't dream up a better cast to bring it to life.Tomado del programa Pasajes del Terror de Juan Antonio Cebrián.Temática: Denuncia del papel de las corporaciones y asimilación de su lógica con la de los psicópatas.

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