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From the brief synopsis, I thought this drama will be boring and mediocre, only showing another shallow romance story, attract the viewers with the romantic scenes from the actors but lack of story. I think this drama has delivered the time travelling story really well. Dramas like Tomorrow with You portrays a more interesting story line. Jo han chul also did a great job manifesting his character in the story. The plot is well developed, leaving out the slightly-slow-pace during the early episodes.

They were all just normal people--well, some of them are exceptions--that you may meet in your everyday life. :) And I just felt like adding, tv N has always been great since I watched "Nine" & "Queen In hyun's Man" a few years ago, but their line-up so far is amazing. as far as I see, it is a very sweet drama between the husband and his wife, how his love toward her, how her love toward him.... I like the plot so much, the cinematography the people behind this drama is amazing.Their initially "forced" relationship grows deeper and becomes more believable as time passes and it's a pleasure to see it. What disappoints me is not the drama but it is the viewers because they'd like to watch a 'light' story drama. Cant wait for Signal season 2 It was a lil bit boring at ep 1 to 3, I think that was bcs of unsupported music background that make ths drama so boring.They behave like a true intimate couple and aren't as stiff as other many kdrama couples. But I forced my self to keep watching since I like both of shin min a and lee je hoon so much.The best was the chemistry between the protagonists, Lee Je Hoon He really is a good actor The drama has an interesting premise but there was a lot of logic slips that bothered me. I hope you both become a real couple but Shin Min Ah have got Kim Woo Bin.But the actors were really good and cinematography was great enough that it was an overall entertaining to watch. Ahhh I can't describe how this drama make me want to see them again and again. Oh no Lee Je Hoon unfortunate, I'm sad :( I reeeeeally liked this drama!

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Then, the plot is quiet satisfying What i dislike from the drama: - Too much skinship - The plot is slowing down from the second half of the drama My personal score: 8/10 I just finished this drama and all I can say is that this drama is really daebak. This is such a beautiful drama - i keep repeating this to myself.

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