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We tried to keep it, but with some variety and the stuff we like to do, but also for it to kind of make sense as a whole."It feels like music is in a good place for gay artists, but do you think there is still some way for it to go yet in terms of letting artists truly be honest in their work if they have to appeal for a mainstream audience?"I think there are a lot of factors involved with mainstream success.The Lapeer City Police Department said today they are looking for two men who were driving a blue mini-van.The police have also revealed that Band said he was robbed during the alleged attack. According to the suit, Band repeatedly came on to Tali Sigalus despite her protests -- including trying to kiss her, telling her he loved her, calling her incessantly, and trying to have sex with her.We always wanted music that could be called pop and we always had a pop sensibility.I think having a hit didn't change what else went on the album - but I suppose we didn't just want to release stuff that was going to freak people out after 'King'.Despite breaking through this year as BBC's Sound of 2015 with chart-topping hit 'King', London trio Years & Years have been waiting, erm, years and years to release their debut album.

Alexander was born Oliver Alexander Thornton in England.

"I get asked, 'How do you feel being a spokesperson for gay issues?

', and what I've come to think is I can't speak for all gay people, because there are so many different issues, and experiences, and different shapes and sizes.

There are loads of reasons why an artist is successful and I think what people loved about Sam [Smith] was that it felt like it was coming from an authentic place.

But I think, yeah, there's still a way to go."I'd like to hear a gay artist express their sexuality in a really open way.

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That's something I've sort of tried to do a little bit on this album, but to be able to talk about sex is possibly new for gay artists, so I'd like to see that in the mainstream.

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